Thursday, October 13

Get all my Eye Enhancers from Cover Girl for only $0.04!!!!

Through 10/15/16 Rite Aid pharmacy is having a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off to their Cover Girl products. I have found a nice coupon online for $2/1 COVERGIRL Eye Product [excludes 1 kit and trial/travel size] that you can print out at home. All you need is a computer and a printer and you can get your coupon.

Here’s the best deal I got at Rite Aid October 13, 2016:

Buy 2 CoverGirl Professional Brow & Eye Makers $3.39, regular price
Buy One Get One 50% Off through 10/15
Buy 2, Receive 200 Plenti Points through 10/15, Limit 2
Pay $1.99, Receive 200 Plenti Points ($2.00)

Final Price: $0.01 Moneymaker, when you buy 2

Wednesday, October 5

Random post update

Here I am again, trying to give you some kind of random update on this blog, in which I could have shared some great insights deal and experiences about the categories I have picked for this blog, but no!!! I am way too occupied with my new racket lately.

If you are a constant follower or viewer of this blog as well as my 3 other blogs, you would have known by now what is it.

#Couponing that saves me 90% all the time just takes my time. I know I don’t need all of them at once, but when it’s there and you have the coupons with you, it’s hard to resist something you’ll get for FREE. I mean it, you can actually get those personal care, beauty, foods, and drinks even household items for FREE.

I know, a product reviewer can do the same, but this time it’s not limited to just one item, once you’ll have more than 2 coupons with.. You can take as much as you want. Also, try not to be greedy, as we know there are others who coupons would like to get those items for free too.

So, there you go! I am sorry if I am not sharing things as much as I used to however, I will do my best to balance my time. 

Saturday, September 24

Calling all Music Lovers...

I am going to a birthday party next month and I have no clue on what to gift to the celebrants. There were actually two celebrants in different ages, I have something for the younger one, yet I am clueless on what to give to the older one.

I am assuming that all teenagers love music and so a nice music gifts might be a good idea. But then again, I am not sure as well if he does likes music. I know, I do during my youthful years, I’m one of those music lovers, no matter what genre they are, everything is welcome.

I guess that best way for me to figure things out and not waste my time and effort into something that he might not be able to use in the future is to ask the mother. We all know, mother knows best.

However, if you are a music lover or if you knew someone who might be happier to get a music gift. I would suggest browsing the website to check it for yourself. 

Tuesday, September 20

KEDS shoe

I was amazed when I found this nice tan color shoes online. I was a little bit hesitant because I am not sure if it looks good on me.

It took me a little while before I finally purchased the shoe. Good thing it was on SALE and so, I have bought it.

It looks very comfortable and when I have slipped it on, it looks better in the picture because I was a little be off when I got the shoe. Doesn’t look even closer. But for the price I pay, it’s an okay shoe.

Wednesday, September 14

Lovely woodwind and brasswind instrument

Listening to a musical instrument is one of my past time. This is also my way to release those stresses I feel. Listening to these songs makes me not a thing of what life on earth we have. It feels like you are always in a cloud nine, thinking of totally nothing at all.

Sometimes, I can feel how they play those woodwind & brasswind in which it is impossible for me, because I never have tried to play any at all. Though, I can see a few other people who plays with these musical instrument is just magnificent.

I love my life and live to the fullest, but sometimes I just need some time to be in one place a quiet place in which I can sit or listen without thinking of anything at all. A purely empty, blank, nothing at all.

What about you? Have you ever tried to be alone and just not to think of anything?

First Dollar Store Couponing Deal paid only $10.00

First time Couponing for this many items and many coupons at once is quite overwhelming. I have nobody to teach me but to learn it base on the notes and information that I have found online. I have seen Extreme Couponing on television eight years ago, yet I have never imagined in my life that I would be doing [but not crazy enough and greedy] to haul the entire shelves.

I have a few coupons at least 10 the maximum, I never emptied a shelve for my own sake, it is because I also think of others. I know that it is not just me who have done Couponing to save money I also think about others who have found a 1 coupon in their Sunday Inserts that would like to at least get the opportunity to get 1 item for FREE.

Anyways, I just thought why would you do that? Can anyone ever think of others anymore?

Moreover, back to my first experience. I have a $5 off on $25 or more purchase clip into my digital coupon. It was simple because once my total hits, the amount of  $25 it will automatically subtract the $5. Therefore, I have to ensure that I won’t go over $25 and I have good coupons that goes with my deal to only pay 80% off my entire purchase plus tax.

I could not remember the entire purchase  but I think of everything, I only paid $10 plus tax for all these items, I have peelers cause I have to take my 6 year old who wants this and wants that . It was a very happy feeling for me.