Thursday, October 26

A day tour at Ocean Park in Manila, Philippines #PhilippinesVacation2017

Part of our vacation travel is to bring the whole family, including my parents and my sister’s family to see the Ocean Park. I purchased the ticket online and because I went through this deal website, I have given a better price for the tickets rather than buying it at the park.

It was a win win searching and thanks to the modern technology, everything was settled 2 days before we had our road trip.

The first attempt to get there was a disaster, it was pouring and thank God we were all inside the bus heading to the park. However, because of the heavy traffic and because by the time we get there, we will only see one show and I am not paying and travelling all the way there just for that. We all decided to head to MOA of known as The MALL of ASIA, in which I believed is the biggest Mall of the country.

I’ve been there 2-3 times now and yet, I haven’t been able to wander around the entire gallery. It was fun to see and be at the shows during our visit. There was a lot of walking and I’m a little feel bad for my late mother as she has the hard time to walk fast and I am sure she’s tired from all the walking.

It’s nice for them to see the fascinating view of underwater. There was this HUGE fish in one of the aquariums that keeps following my mother, it seems like it wants to be next to her, so we took a picture right where it’s behind her. We kept saying stay away for she’ll fish stew you, laughingly.

The Attractions that we got to see was the OCEANARIUM, BACK OF THE HOUSE, JELLIES EXHIBIT, SEA LION SHOW, SHARKS & RAYS DRY ENCOUNTER – we’ve got the chance to actually touch the Sting Ray and it is slimy. Smells fishy  too, of course, what do I expect, duh! And the last part that we did miss some of the beginning was the SYMPHONY EVENING SHOW. It is magical, I had goosebumps from the time we arrived up to the end of the last water splashed.

Reason why we missed the first part? Is that we got lost, hahahaha, we were trying to find it and it seems like everything is quite, not knowing that show has begun. But the best part was we got to stand closer to the water, which is kinda okay, I guess.

It was about 15 minutes or less shows, however, it’s worth it. After that, we head back home. I would guess that everyone had a blast and enjoy the park. We did take plenty of pictures for our trip.

Tuesday, September 26

Fashionable car seat for your car

“This is a sponsored post. All opinions is 100% mine.”

I’m not talking about getting too fancy with your car seat, the best way is to uncover a contented and safety car seat for your precious ones. There may be thousands of competitors out there, on the other hand, education about what car seat is the best thing we should learn first for our child, you and for our car is something we should understand about.

I’m too na├»ve before about car seat safety, growing up in the Philippines, security and protection of one is what we’ve been wanting. However, not all can afford to procure their own car seat for their child, and so mostly don’t acquire one.

photo not mine
We managed to survive over the years, and lucky enough that there weren’t too many car accidents during the early days, as drivers were more cautious than recent years. It is very rare to watch and read news about cars colliding due to a drunk driver, or speeders. Yet, nowadays there was ample of that in the news. In which devastates me, to see all those horrible things happened to innocent kids and adults. So it is best to stumble on the great deal about car seat safety for our little ones.

Where to read and learn more about car seat safety? I know a website in which you will find interesting. It’s about cars and safety and will unquestionably give you insights in relation to what would be best for all in the car.

So before we go with all the bling-bling we want for our cars, it’s best to check the car seat safety for your child. And do conduct a car seat safety video online. 

Thursday, September 14

18K Gold Plated Women's Hoop Earrings Insight

I adore this gold plated necklace. I am not 100% have the knowledge if the product is pure or not by looking so this says it's 18K gold plated. I am happy that it is and I don't see any tone that is diminishing after wearing them and get it wet for many times now. It doesn't itch my neck too, that's the best part. For some reason, I pick a certain kind of metal to wear around my neck because for some reason, I got the itch afterwards. This one doesn't and that's a good part.

Light weight, pristine work and simple too. I can put a pendant on this necklace or not. Also, the length is just about right.

For the price of  Price:    $29.99
Sale:  $9.99
You Save:     $20.00 (67%)

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the product with a heavily discounted price in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Wednesday, July 19

DIY Wedding Invitation

I wanted to make sure that I have my own unique wedding invitation, that’s why I prefer to make one on my own. I’d like to be unique, especially when it comes to something so memorable that nothing will ever be the same as my own idea. Not too much, since I don’t want it to look funny in the end.

I gather a few things from the USA for the reason that I know more where to look for them, rather than doing everything in my first hometown. Things have changed in the last 4 years that I have visited the area.

Although, I never got to bring all I needed, at least I have purchased those very common items needed.

After a short day of preparation everything is complete and ready. Here is the outcome of our Wedding Invitation. 

Thursday, June 22

What can be more fashionable done having this beautiful Wigs? #Divatress #beauty #ad

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Do you like to have a different hairstyle often? Do you like to color your hair as much as whatever color you want? However, you can’t do it because you need to wait that you are able color your hair, so you won’t ruin it? Well, I bet you wish that there is something you can do, fast and easy.

You will love what I will share you as there is a solution to those questions. Instead of those hassles and those chemicals that you will apply to your beautiful hair, why not purchase a nice stylist and with the color of your desire Wigs?

A nice lace fronts is what you can find in this website. I mean, I’d like to have those different hairstyle and the color that I would like to keep. This way, I can wear them whenever I want without spending too much money. I know I’m cheap, however I’d like to maintain the shine of my hair without using all those chemicals on my hair just to obtain the color I wanted.

They have a variety of hair styles and the color? You name it, they have it. If you are more like a conservative type, they have hair and color for you. If you are more into an innovative type, they also carry those for you. I am sure there will always be a Wig for the type you would like to get.

Monday, June 19

Father’s Day Gift Idea

Because I’m busy with what’s going on with our Summer vacation, I only come up with one simple and quick way to get to your father’s and your children’s father. An Oldnavy shirt/polos. I asked my son who is 7 years old to make a Father’s Day card. I’d like to teach him that making one on every single occasion is great because, it is a unique card and you also know what they truly wanted to say to their Dad.

As for me, I haven’t handed a card this year, I was procrastinating to do it and even at the last minute I have errands to do and so I will pass this year’s celebration. I’m sure he knows how truly grateful and thankful I am to have him as the father of my children. Action speaks louder than words.

However, giving him a gift won’t always be too late. And so, I thought about getting him this design from Oldnavy. I like the company because I can find great design, and I know that it would fit my husband’s size since I have been using this company ever since. 

photos are not mine

I'm sure he would look great on this tops. What about you? What's your idea and plan during the Father's Day Celebration.