Saturday, April 8

Claritin Chewables or Liquid can help you with your Allergies this Spring

Yeah, it’s that time of the year once again that we do suffer from Pollen Allergies. I am thankful enough that I rarely had a runny nose and itchy eyes and when they do? They can be easily gone just by simply drinking more natural remedies. However, my poor sweet boy isn’t that lucky when it comes to this seasonal Allergies. He sneezed a lot and what’s worse is when he sneezes he sometimes gets a bloody nose.

Good thing that Claritin is here for the rescued. I gave him the chewable one and it doesn’t seem to bother him. He knows it’s a medicine to help him feel better and he seems to like it too. He said it doesn’t taste terrible and just like a candy that he has.

I have the opportunity to receive a full sample for a Chewable and Liquid Claritin Allegry. Non Drowsy and an indoor and outdoor for Children’s in the mail through BzzAgent.  I also received along the manufacturer’s coupons to save me more when I need to buy for a refill.

I’m happy now that my son will no longer be miserable when his seasonal allergies attack. Claritin is here now.  

Now,  it won’t be too difficult to give my son, his medicine whenever his seasonal allergies attack. It would be easier for me to focus on looking for a clarinet mouthpiece for my friend. 

Thursday, March 30

Fall Colors

“You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged
Oh, I realize
It’s hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow.”

A very well-known verses of the song entitled “True Colors” originally sung by Cindy Lauper, being popularized in the 80s. I could still vividly learn by heart when this song was and still a hit in the billboards, everyone loves it and chant along with the music.

I took this photograph last Mid-Fall of last year 2016 as I was astounded at how this tree has given so striking colors and make me reflect of the song True Colors. And now you know why, I started the verses.

These colors are just amazing, the changing and the falling of the leaves because winter comes, except for the  cold weather I’m not a big fan, however, since this will be my permanent residency, I have embraced the magical winter and snows.

During this time of the year, is my other way to check nice deals when it comes to bass speakers at You might not know, I love music, I tried playing instruments, but because I am not dedicated I am unsuccessful. Maybe you are, and looking for great deals, now is the time to visit this place to see what I mean.

Thursday, March 23

Love, Spell and Magic

I love fashion and I’ve always wished that I have all those new trends in the market to use them, however, because I can’t afford it, the only thing that I do is to wait when there is a sale and that’s where I buy them. One of my favorite movies is about style as well, I’m not sure if you are familiar with the movie entitled Shoepaholic, it is a funny, romantic comedy story which also shows a reality about some of the girls who loves to shop a lot.  That leads to an addition, in which some do have difficulty controlling and break the addiction shopping.

Yet, by the end of the story, this woman had found his rich man who happens to love and accept for who she is. And it turns out that she did choose the right decision to stop shopping with those shoes and fancy dresses. You would have thought that she might have this man under a black magic love spell, but not at all. They seem to compromise and truly accepted each other. She did change and simply, we all know the power of true love.

Which reminds me about the website that I came across while just aimlessly browsing on where to find the best deals in my store. This website is very intriguing that I actually read and look through about love, magic, and psychology. They can read and give you a satisfying response. So, if you are inquisitive about this website, you can merely check out

Wednesday, February 15

I can’t decide for my Wedding Gown, will you help me?

YES!!! You read the title right. Am I getting married? I would say YES, again and this time it will be a renewal of our Vows in front both our family and friends and most especially with the blessings of our Almighty God through the Priest in His Holy Church.

But before that is going to happen, I need to find the right Wedding Gown for me to wear. I want to go with something simple yet a fairy tale kind.

I’ve been browsing online and I did find designs and where to purchase the item. I just want to share here the Wedding Gown that I am eyeing with.

This is my first option: I like the unique design and the simple front embroiled and the color red back design because it matches the my Wedding Mofit. 

Faironly D229 Women's Wedding Dress Bridal Gown

All photos not mine

Price: $76.00 + $8 shipping

My Second option in which my husband likes to, he also likes the first one. He mentioned as long as it won’t cost him a thousand dollars for he is fine with it. I’m being practical knowing there will be more things to pay once things are settled.

YIPEISHA Sweetheart Beaded Corset Bodice Classic Tulle Wedding Dress

Photo not mine

Sale:    $53.00 + $18 shipping

What do you think? Your idea is highly appreciated.

Friday, February 3

Looking for the cheapest flight

It’s supposedly a surprise for my family in the Philippines, but I am not sure if this will be any more. As I have spoken with my sister and my parents that we are all going home for a long vacation during our Summer Season. Of course, this will not be summer in the Philippines because this is a tropical country.  The day we will arrive is definitely Summer. It may be, rainy and wet days, yet I’m hoping it would not be.

I’d like to enjoy as much sunlight and sweaty days as possible, before we all go back to face another cold weather.
photo not mine
Going back to find the cheapest international flight is  a little bit frustrating. If you are a frugal like me, I’d like to ensure that I can also find a better value, shortest flight with a convenient time of departure and arrival too. Sounds impossible? Unless I have to buy a ticket that is a rocket sky price. However, for someone who had been researching and working on how to save money in our daily basis situation is not.

Just the right day and timing as what mostly says. You can actually get those three aspects that I’m working on as long as I am quick and determine. After all, nothing works if you just do nothing, and it pays off the hard works  you do, right?

Provided you do have a fixed date, things will just come smoothly. Why I mentioned frustrating? Because my other half, just doesn’t know when can he fly back with us. I really don’t care if we will fly  separately, but it’s best too as well.

Make sure you check at night time, sometimes there are websites that gives out cheap prices in the morning too. But mostly you can discover the best deal at night time. Make sure to have your dates ready and that can be adjusted. Check multiple websites, they have the same flight itineraries,  but different prices. Do not settle in just website unless you are using miles.

Once you find the trip, you desire? Make sure to book it right away, it may or may not be there anymore when you come back. If you’ve done this way, you just found a better deal for your vacation.

Meanwhile, since I am waiting for my other half to give me his fix dates. I might as well check about> website. Maybe I can stumble on a good deal about guitars to get. 

My DIY Gift Baskets/Box for Christmas

Having your own project for something you need the most is just amazing. It also saves you more money at the same time, you know that you have all these things around you that you think are useless before you come of an idea about what project to do.
I mentioned to my one of my blogs about the Gift Basket that I have given away to my friends, and family. They seem to enjoy and love the personal care that was in it.

The first 12 boxes I purchased in the store, because it is 70% off and it’s a nice box in which you can really re-use it into something.

Since, I got run out of it and the store didn’t carry the same size that I wanted, a friend of mine who is doing the same idea about gift basket just given me an idea to DIY my own box. It may not be an expensive basket, but it is something that I need to put the gifts in, also sturdy enough to hold the items.

I got an empty shoe box, a Christmas wrapping paper, a tape and a gift plastic, ribbon and a tag. Easy to do, and voolah!!!! It is ready!
Box is purchased....

It did save me a lot of money and next time, I’ll definitely recycle those boxes. Meanwhile, because we save more from gifts this year, I do have enough time to buy a nice extra musiciansfriend microphone mixer on the money that I just saved.