Tuesday, July 26

Fashionable Black Fioni Shoe only paid $5

I was looking for a great deal on one of the stores here in our Mall one day and I didn’t noticed that it was that day that I found a great deal and actually purchase something that is less than $20 for a couple of shoes.

I was looking for a nice Sunday dress shoe, but I was lucky enough to find this pair for only $10 and even better because I can only pay 50% off so this pair is actually $5.00 after tax.

I love it. I got this for my niece who likes wedges and this is just one cute pair for her daily walk.

It’s a size 7 and I hope that it will fully fit on her feet. I am hoping, it fits for me, but I’d like a shoe that truly snuggles my feet so I’ll be more comfortable around.

Very simple yet elegant looking shoe, American Eagle brand which I like because it’s very lightweight and it doesn’t hurt your feet at all. The retail price of this shoe is actually $34.99, however, I was lucky that day.

Friday, July 15

I only pay $1 for everything

YES!!! Believe it or not the polos and shorts that I got from Oldnavy are all brand new. How do I get to pay only $1 for everything? Here goes my way.

Normally, there are others who won’t share everything they knew about how they get the products free or they’ll tell you one thing but they never walk you all the way through. 

I am different. I will share with you my ways on how to get such an awesome deal especially when it comes to clothings.

I have my credit line at Oldnavy it is my second store card as well as my first credit card here in the USA. I never like credit card based on my experience in the Phil. I sometimes can’t stop spending and I end up using all my money to pay it back or I will be in a huge debt with an enormous rate of interest.

Anyways, this company does have so many different ways for their customers to earn rewards, or just let their customer spend a little amount and they’ll reward them. I love rewards, the minute that I have start earning one and gaining more rewards, I becoming obsessed on earning them, and so I used my credit card as much as I can and most of my transaction goes to the card.

Of course, I have to pay it back the next day or within a month. So I accumulate an amount of $66.00 rewards from using the card and that earns me more points.

I waited for the right time to use my rewards towards my children’s clothing. I waited whenever there are a huge sale or even a great deal of clearance. I normally just get everything FREE or even pay at least a maximum of $5.00.

And today is just one of those times that I hauled a great amount of brand new clothing without spending more than $5.00.

Friday, July 1

Stop squinting, Wear your fashionable #Sunglasses instead #Review #SummerFashion

Now that Summer is here and the Sunlight would squint us even more. I am looking forward to many outings and a road trip with the family. Though I have my old Sunglasses it’s best to try a new with different features.

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to test and share with you my experience about Women's Resin Frame Metal Temples 58mm Sunglasses With Case,100% UV400 from LotFancy manufacturer.

This can be purchased on amazon and with that it also comes in different Lens Color as well as the Sunglasses Color. My transaction online is smooth and checkout is quick. Though some of the Lens Color are not available in certain colors, still there are more options for you to choose. 

The shipping is good, since I am a Prime Member, it only took me 2 days to get the product in the mail. I was very thrilled because at the same time, we are going on a family road trip and will spend the whole day and afternoon in an Amusement Park. Since it is warm that day, it is the best way to see how the sunglasses works for me.

I don’t see any signs of damage in shipment as well as in the product that I was able to use it right away. I check for some minor damage and I see none. The minute I wore the sunglasses I feel very comfortable. Not too big or small, just fits perfectly for me.

I love the sunglasses. The frame is fashionable, I like how it has a nice design and it is also different from the once I have got. I have the polarized gray color and I am glad to have it because it is what I needed to give me a nice and clear view when it's too bright in the morning. I have a migraine and squinting is just too much while driving in a car.

The whole day use of the sunglasses doesn’t bother me at all. It didn’t hurt the side of my ears nor my nose. It feels very light weight that I feel there is nothing on my face. It is also easy to clean using the cloth that comes with the item.

I love the casing seems to be sturdy and just right for the sunglasses. It is lightweight and easy to carry too. I love the 100% UV400 in which I just want for my shades that would help me still see and enjoy sunny days. The design is great and unique.

For the price of Price: $29.99
Sale:   $18.99
You Save:       $11.00 (37%)  Just to let you know that price might change depends on the manufacturer. I based this pricing from the time I check out the item.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Wednesday, June 22

My Printed Fashionable Floral #Dress

This dress is pretty. At first I was very skeptical about what would it look like when I finally have the item in the mail. Because it happened to me many times, that the photo online and the physical picture of the product is way too different.

I am happy to see that what you’ve seen in the photo online it is what you actually received. I am impressed and now I don’t return the product because I am satisfied with what I get. 

I picked X-Large because it’s the only available size they have for the design and the color purple floral that I want. It first just right, but a little bit big, one thing I like so my body can breath. 
The fabric is high quality, it is not thin but instead soft and you need to iron it because of the kind of the fabric it is. I did and no more wrinkles after I washed it. I like the vivid roses and the color of the flowers and design.

The zipper on the back is invisible, easy to zip and unzip. I did not experience any trouble at all. The sewing is properly done too, I did not see any thread hanging. I feel very comfortable while wearing the dress last Father’s Day.

For the price of Price: $19.99, I picked X-Large because it is the only size they are available for the design and Color: Purple Floral I like.

Choies Women's Garden Floral Tie Waist Sleeveless Skater Dress can be purchased throught Amazon.com.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Monday, June 13

I have finally owned a decent luggage tags and bag tags

Soon, my family and I will be visiting my family and relatives again in the Philippines after almost 4 years of not seeing them personally. And I was thinking that I’d like to spend more time with my parents knowing they are being sick and want to be there as well as their grandchildren to know and love them more. Also a nice way of knowing about the schoenhut baby piano along the way would a plus while we are there spending time with them. 

The luggage would be many this time, considering there will be 4 of us travelling, and knowing that some airline company would give us a free luggage of 25 lbs if you have 2 luggages to check in. I might as well take advantage of the free luggage and bring some goodies along with us to share with my family and relatives [as a Filipino, we have this tradition that we bring “Pasalubong” a gift to my immediate family and to some good relatives. And of course my close friends whom I have never seen for a very long time.

It would be easy for me to determine our luggage if I have a luggage tag on it. I’d like to pick the right luggage and with a tag that would be easier to do. We know there will be at least 3-4 similar luggages in one aircraft or maybe even more.

That’s why I was ecstatic to find out that I was approved to review Travelambo PVC Rubber Luggage Tags & Bag Tags & Cruise Tags Leather Strap in 7 Colors (Red)
. It is an online website where you can shop without leaving your premises.

The product arrived in the house on its great condition. No signs of damage even the shipping box that I was able to check and test the item right away.

Since I choose the color RED [which there are more colors to pick] I was impressed with the vivid red color of the tags. They were a two set, it is lightweight, and judging from the one I have now, the product seems to be durable.

Easy to write your information on the tag paper in which it has a plastic cover to prevent it from liquid. The belts are easily to fasten in the hole without no problem. It’s a rubbery kind, but the belt’s locks are metal. The length of the belt is just right to hold and secure my luggage’s handle. Easy to put on but hard to remove.

For the price of  Price: $7.99, this comes with different colors. The Travelambo PVC Rubber Luggage Tags & Bag Tags & Cruise Tags Leather Strap can be purchased on Amazon.com.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the product for FREE  in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Tuesday, June 7

A fashionable Hoddie Coll Fabric shirt for Summer #Review

I love the color and the fabric, it is very soft and it drops. Very light weight and I feel so comfortable with the quality too. The sewing of the edges is also in good quality. I don't see any rip, tear and the color are really vivid, meaning what you see on the pictures is what truly is the color when you received the item. 
photo not mine
I have Medium thinking it is too small for me as the sizing shows it is a size 4 but I'm glad I picked it because it is just right. I guess I am a size 4 and it is just what I want because I don't like a tight shirt.

I would say, I like this top, super comfortable and easy to wear. Very light to your skin too. 
photo not mine
For the price of:
List Price:      $21.99
Price:            $9.99 - $15.97

The Women V-Neck Hoodie Coll Fabric PURPLE T shirt, Medium #Review - CWTTL0138_Purple Color from Doublju [also comes with more colors online] can be purchase through Amazon.com.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I did not receive any financial amount. I received the product at a heavily discounted price in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.