Sunday, September 15

5 tips on how to fashion a skirt

These days, it's been my major problem on how to wear my skirts like there are so many styles and I cant even decide what-to-wear on what-events skirt.

Since I definitely don't have any ideas on how these things are perfectly fashioned, I came across the internet and have read many details about it. Today I'm gonna show you 5 of some tips on how to wear a skirt.

1. Right Skirt, Right Flirt
I'm not saying that your a flirt if you wear some skirt, it just means that you feel cute when you wear skirt, am I right? Anyways, skirts really differ in styles, so you really have to choose the right ones that perfectly fit your body. If you are a no-curve-type girl I suggest you to wear a skirt that looks like this:
These kind of riffle-like skirts emphasizes your body shape and gives more sexual appearance. This would be really perfect for you that doesn't have curves.

But, if you already have curve it'll be most perfect you to wear this kind:
These kinds of office-like skirts will be much better to wear if you have that type of coca-cola body. It's really sexy and stylish.

2. Consider some tights, stockings or leggings.
Some skirts doesn't really have that appealing kind of style. What people most do with sort of things like that, they would prefer to wear some stockings. It's not bad to partner skirts with it, but I really do believe that it's more cute than wearing non-stocking skirt.

3. Tops to fit
Okay, now we had some ideas on how to wear a better skirt. It's time for your tops to be fashioned. I like tops when I don't tucked it behind my skirts. Then all I do is I belt the un-tucked top and yes! it's prefect.
But if your skirt is much better fashioned if you tucked it, tucked it. Don't be afraid to do it and if you weren't that comfortable maybe you should use a belt also to give more girdling effect.

4. Wear the right shoes

I've been working out on what shoes to fit to get a well-suited fashion. Then, I googled it just to gets some tips. These are just some of the things I saw:
  • Boots of differing lengths and miniskirts are a classic pairing.
  • High heels can spice up a miniskirt and make your legs long longer.
  • For a more girlish look, wear flat shoes such as ballet flats or flip-flops.
  • To slim your legs, avoid wearing shoes that are too dainty or delicate, as these will make your legs look larger.
  • Wedge shoes work well because their heaviness counteracts the shortness of the mini skirt and provides an "anchor".
5. Enhance your legs
And lastly, enhance you legs. Nothing compares the attention of a good legs than having a good style of fashion. Like they said, what is fashion when your legs is not lotion? I just laughed. Anyways, it's really good to get them some wax and tan them, then attention will pay you.


  1. I totally agree - having the right skirt does pay off - and a tights to boot is going to be awesome too!

  2. I love wearing skirts, it makes me feel very feminine.

  3. I think Women should choose the skirt that's perfect for their body type.

  4. The skirts are lovely. I used to wear a lot of short skits back in the days when I was on the slimmer side. I've been hiding my legs for a long, long time now. I can't seem to find the perfect one that will not highlight my chubby legs.