Monday, September 2

Free Clothes win it in Choies contest

Choies is an international clothing line with an amazing group of designers. You name it they’ll have it, you’ll have a unique fashion style they’ll have it available on your taste.

I got free amazing dresses and tops from them, which I love the most. I always get compliments wherever I go, because it’s very stylish.

Now! You have a chance to win free Clothes from Choies, by simply joining their contest. Very simple and quick game contest that you’ll love. You better join now for it won’t last. Ends on September 5, 2013.

How to play?
1. Sign up or sign in first to enter this game;
2. Have a look at the following Sketches and then try to find out the real items within this link
3. Write down the SKUs and comment. (Try to find as many as possible. 4 at least.)
4. Share this game to your BFF and submit.
5. Join the Lucky Draw to get a chance to win the items or points.

Ends on SEP.5th.


  1. I will check out their website and see if they have good stuff for me. Too bad ends Sept 5th naman ni diay. I haven't heard of this brand or store yet.

  2. Interesting game. Hmm I'm tempted but maybe ill join if i have time hehehe. i want a free handed over to me waaaa. ambisyosang palaka just kidding mammi novz. thanks for sharing this cool stuff will check it out some time