Friday, August 30

The Authors

My name is Nova and I am one of the owner of this blog. I started blogging since 2004, when a very good friend of mine encourages me to create a blog in order for us to read each other’s updates via personal blog. We are friends since High School and still friends until we graduated from College, married and now living in different countries. I created this Fashion, Travel and Technology blog in order to be more focus in this area. Also my wonderful niece Precious is helping me out with the updates. She's only 14 years old yet very superb when it comes to fashion and style. 

We would like to share through this blog some exciting moments, memories, experiences, ideas, stances, or just purely anything that involves my life, our lives.

My blogs also speak for the Products we reviewed, Advertisement that we accepted as well as aiming to share the familiarity we have with the business that we came across. 

We will ensure that you will have a good time while reading, at the same time you’ll get what you’ve been looking for. This might be the other way around for you to know some about me.

We do hope that every time you passed by in my page you'll finish it up gaining a smile from me.

Thank you once again and Hope that you'll always have a great day!

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