Sunday, December 8

The Hotel we stayed during our Trip

I always forget to update here especially to update you all about the Big Trip we have this year. Nevertheless, before this year ends, I will do my best to share it here as much as I can in order to disclose our trip. To start with, here is the photo of remembrance of the Hotel where we stayed the night during our Trip to Hershey, PA. I love the accommodation, but never tried their free complimentary breakfast, since I don’t like to get up too early at the same time I don’t eat breakfast except for a cup of coffee. However, according to my husband and mother in law, they have good breakfast but why would they take the food away when there is still food eating. They find it not good and rude. We stayed on the 3rd floor and this is closer to the amusement park at Hersey, PA too. Price for overnight is very cheap too, so probably next time when we visit different tourist spot in the USA we hope to find the same Hotel. 

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