Friday, December 27

Yuletide Season is the best!

White Christmas?
Oh, It is really common on countries on the upper side of the earth. BUT, in the Philippines we don't experience snow or anything related to that, except that we experience happiness, love and passion during Christmas. People usually are gathering to their relatives and going to their own hometowns with 'pasalubong' or what you call 'gift'.

In the very morning of December 25th children here are visiting their relatives with perseverance and asking, or more like of requesting, for gifts or anything that they would like to give to them. Opss, not to worry those who don't have nearby relatives because they can still go to each house side by side and ask for most of Filipinos have a kind heart!

Christmas, or what we call the Yuletide Season, is the most awaited event once in a year for the whole wide world. It is commonly known for people to cherish every moment and to traditionally celebrate Christ's birth. I, or maybe you, have longingly awaited Christmas every year and make sure to say 'it's worth it' or 'it's the best'.

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family & friends :)