Sunday, January 19

5 Tips to Save Money

Saving money makes your task or goal much easier.
 But there are also some things that can't be avoided like investments or financial emergencies, so most of us were constrained to spend our savings which should be actually for our goals.
 Here are some of the steps on how to save money easily.

1. Take care of your possessions Applying this way, your expenses will lessen. And also, never buy items that are probably still necessary . For example, if your motor toothbrush breaks off don't threw it away... well, if it breaks it doesn't mean that you can't use it as a toothbrush, you can still use it.

2. Use paper money instead of coins Well this one is absolutely helpful. When you are buying some sort of things, use paper money instead of coins to pay the things you bought. Then put the change your piggy bank. It may seem insignificant, but if you keep on doing this all over and over you may not notice you piggy bank getting fat.

3. Put your receive cashes in your bank account There are many unexpected cash that you may receive, what I suggest is, put them or most of it in your bank account. And of course aside your regular expenses. You may reach your target money sooner.

4. Do you REALLY need it? For some circumstances, most of us just buy whatever we think that fit us. But that way makes us spend more money. What I am saying is, ask yourself if you really need it THAT MUCH. Well, after some several arguments happening in you head, it will be a NO.

5. Save one dollar a day If your budget is really hectic, try saving at least on dollar a day and put it in a jar. You'll never know how this step is effective until you do so.


  1. Saving money or other things necessary on your life are usually very important to you. Your tips too are good for this purpose.

  2. I do the saving a dollar a day thingy, only that I save 50 a month from my husband's pay.

  3. I think the saving the coins also makes a difference.

  4. I think it's important to know what we want and focus on those things so we won;t waste any on unnecessary spendings.

  5. I need number 3 - I tend to forget that I should constantly do that - thank you for sharing!