Wednesday, January 22

Design your Wall with photographs

It always looks so classy when I see photography of family’s great memories on the wall. It simply shows how wonderful and cherished they have each other.  Of course, we don’t want to crowd our wall with those photos and without proper arrangements it will surely look messy.

There are simple and vintage ways of designing your wall with your family photographs. I do find these collection/images very useful for everyone. 

Black and white photography

by the staircase...
you can also form a heart shape

with white frames...


  1. I Love art from photography. I think just changing up your walls with images and different things can transform a whole room. One of my favorite and go to when I need a little change! lol

  2. i lvoe photography down in an art form like on these walls so pretty and uniques

  3. I love the heart shape one and yes, our wall is fall of photos lol.

  4. this is awesome! I have the perfect spot to do this! now to buy some frames!!

  5. These are beautiful! I am working on ours and still have a lot more to do. Photos are really amazing as wall decors. :) Great way to showcase it. Thanks for sharing!