Sunday, January 5

My Floral "Flower" Earrings from #CateandChloe

The first time I laid my eyes on this pair of earrings, I fell in love of its design. The kind of style that I never have and willing to possess one. I'm so thankful that after I wrote to #CateandChloe jewelry website, they have given me the permission to write a review into their fine products. 

I went to the online store and check, I found so many different styles but this one did was the kind of pair I have my eyes glued up.

I was so excited, and when it came in the mail. I never failed, the kind and expectations I have over the pairs are true. I was astounded of the high quality this earrings are. I simply love it so much, been wearing it during the holidays and I feel so grateful for this gift.  


  1. That's a really impressive pair of earrings.

  2. Very nice design and I also like the color. Is this hypo allergenic? I can't wear jewelries if they are not silver, gold or hypo allergenic. I envy those who can wear anything and their skin won't break out.