Friday, February 28

My New York Boot from Sandgrens

I always love to have a new pair of shoes who doesn’t, especially if you have the prospect to write about it for free. I’m blessed that I was given another opportunity to work with Sandgren once again. Aside from the fact, that I love the quality of their shoes, it is one thing I’m looking for it is part of a Swedish clogs.

I received the New York low heel boot, the very first low heel boot I’ll ever have in my collection. I guess, I wasn’t confident enough to find a way to wear it with my clothes. And this year, I’ll try to be brave enough to wear fashionable dress/clothing as possible. That’s why I’m trying to lose more weight as much as possible in order to feel better and confident.

This purple ash color comes with black too, which is ditch at the moment, it’s retail price is only $269.00. It would be interesting to find something you don’t have everyday right? I can’t wait for late spring and summer so I can wear my new pair of shoe. 


  1. So cute. Love the color too. I got sandal from them, it would be nice to have one of their boot collection too.

  2. I love the Clogs you picked mommy and I love the color. :)

  3. I love the color and that it's a boot. Congrats for another beautiful product review mommy.

  4. wow that's alot of money for a pair of boots. I am not a shoe person in the least, (unless it's flip flops or sandles lol) but I do like the style and color of these, although I think I would prefer them in the black.

  5. I really love your boots, looks very high quality.