Thursday, February 20

Shoe Personality

What is your Shoe Personality?

Here are some kind of shoes for your personality test.

1. Stilettos. For you those who mostly like this kind of shoe, I guess your shoe gives more than you think of your personality. For example, you think that you are Self-Conscious... well, I guess you just want to be perfect.

2. High Heeled. If you like this, you are often calmed down and doesn't like to get involved in some wars, but you sometimes want to get some attention.

3. Colorful Sandals. As obvious it is, you're a party out-goer or what we can say- Extrovert.

4. Shoes. If this kind of foot wear is your peg, you are an agreeable and kind but sometimes a loner.

5. Boots. You mostly like to attack or confront, but you have desires and dreams that wanted to pursue.

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