Tuesday, March 25

Finally tried Kellogg’s Special K Protein Breakfast Shakes {Review}

Soon enough, I will be a running Mommy to our 4 years old son, that is soon going to school. I have to be full of energy in order to cater my son’s needs when the time comes. It will be a big change for him as well as for me, since we have spent time 24/7 before he will go to school.  
I’m always not an early morning person, I would prefer to work late and stay late rather than being wide-awake early in the morning. Again, that will never happen, especially when my son is starting to go to school.

I have to keep myself awake and one of the best ways to have with me is to handy drink like a protein breakfast shake. I normally don’t eat breakfast and a cup of coffee could keep me awake. Never tried any protein breakfast shake until I got the opportunity to try a campaign from BzzAgent about Kellogg’s Special K Protein Breakfast Shake. I received 1 Coffee House Chocolate Mocha and 1 Vanilla Cappucino in the mail.

#gotitfree of course with additional 5 coupons that could save me $1.50 on one shakes. As a newbie to this shake, I’m very much excited only to find out that I get more excited after I tried the Coffee House Chocolate Mocha flavor. It is pretty good and I would say it fills me with through lunchtime. It tastes very good, I have to say I would want more for only 190 calories per bottle for 10 FL Oz, it’s very nice supplements for hunger. I won’t get hungry at the same time I know that it also contains a good substance in the ingredients. You’ll enjoy a bottle of shakes in the morning at the same time gives you more energy throughout the day.

I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends.  

A disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I am a BzzAgent, I received product for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 


  1. This looks great but I'd still recommend some carbs for breakfast. You can then skip carbs for the rest of the day.

    1. You are right, thanks for the information..

  2. This looks delicious. You will certainly need a lot of energy when your child starts schooling.

  3. I lo=ve fruit shakes but never tried any of this kind.

  4. Mommy Nov,
    Those shakes looks very delicious. I want one too :-) It is a very healthy drink to have :-)

  5. i think im gonna my almost 4 years old daughter will be schooling this school year.

  6. What a great product. I would need this to give to my hubby who needs to increase his body mass. He needs to have his aortic valve replaced but the doctors need to "fatten" him up first. I will be on the hunt for Kellogg's protein shake. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. This seems a great protein shake for breakfast. I wish we have it here.

  8. This would be my drink especially if you're loaded with work to do or you have tons of activities outdoors. This would give me much energy for me to use for the whole day.. :)