Sunday, March 30

The Red Apple Lipstick experience is wonderful

Company Story:
This project was started in 2007 and it's been nothing but innovation from there. Our lipstick is outstanding and for this simple reason it is used by scores of women worldwide. But we know this isn't enough reason to get you off your duff and order some, here's 10 more!

Since I was little, I’m fascinated to see whenever my Mother wears a nice red lipstick every time she went out. I believe that the images I’ve seen from my mother were wonderful and so I carry them with me. She looks so PRO whenever she applies it and seems too simple and easy as well. I reminisced whenever I have the chance to play with her makeup kits and hid myself in our bedroom wearing makeup.

Growing up, I rarely wear makeup; I guess things have to change. Although I have to wear, the natural colors whenever I have to attend a special occasion. In addition, when I was working as a Secretary, I have to look presentable always, and so I’ve often worn eyeliner and lip-gloss or lipsticks to hide my chapped lips. It boosts up my confidence more, when I hear the faculty giving me greetings. And yes, I’ve always gotten a positive compliment every time.

I’m naïve sometimes to new things, and I’m thankful to find a nice and safe good quality makeup such as eyeliner and lipsticks. Red Apple Lipstick has given me the opportunity to try and review one of their fine products and I’ve chosen Rebel and Mauve Me lipsticks.

My browse to the website is quite amusing; they have plenty of products as well as options for different makeup. And, I received the products quicker than I could expect. The red apple lipstick is gluten free, paraben free and absolutely safe is just new to me, and so I’m still exploring the best way I can.  There is no mass, very fine lipstick, I love the bag that comes with it to keep the makeup together. I do love the holder and the cover, you can tell which the cover is and which the holder. Simple, yet perfect kind for me.

Mauve Me: is a beautiful plum-red color with moisture and gleam. The unique finish of this lipstick instantly brightens your complexion and creates the illusion of a whiter smile! Mauve Me, as compared to Plum Sexy Crazy, has brighter red undertones.

Rebel! Is a luscious blue-based red that is slightly darker than our signature Red! This "look at me" shade offers a punch of wearable color, and the blue undertones make your smile look brighter and whiter! Rebel! has magically climbed to the top of our best seller list, and it's no wonder why. Love your pinup side again with this amazing color.


Mauve Me   and     Rebel

Overall, my familiarity of Red Apple Lipstick is amazing; I have plenty of comments whenever I wear them especially my older sister. She also thinks that they have plenty of flavors to get. I surely will recommend this website and of course, the product I reviewed from the website. Cheaper and safe products indeed, something we should consider to get.

You can also find them on Facebook and Pinterest to know more about Red Apple Lipsticks.

A disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I received the red apple lipsticks for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 


  1. Awww! Look at those luscious lips you have Mommy Nova :-) I like that red color :-)

  2. I do not have a red lipstick but my sister I think has every color from the palette. LOL! I think I am going to share this with her, she'll be thrilled for sure to get the Rebel. ;)

  3. I envy women who looks good with red lipstick!!. I bought couple of red lipsticks before but they doesn't suit my complexion as it only makes me more dark and old hehe.

  4. I admire women who can really look fantastic with make up. I never had a liking for it because I was involved in sports in my younger years. Now, I only use a lip balm with a slight pink tinge, just so I won't look so pale.

  5. Believe it or not, I have not worn any lipstick in years!!!! I don't like to wear lipstick... hehehe... I just use lip balm when I first came here and there's no tint or shade in it. But hey, it looks good on you!

  6. Oh Ate!!! I'm so inlove with this shade! :)

  7. I love that shade you picked, it suits you!

  8. The color becomes you. Glad you're enjoying them.