Thursday, April 17

Flower design earring

My love and passion with jewelry started when my mother dear gave me some of her precious expensive jewelry to wear every day. It was a habit that becomes my way of fashion accessories and collection. When I visited my homeland a year ago, I told myself that I would ask my mother dear for my share of her precious jewelries. Well, it was my eldest sister’s idea that I should ask our mother dear, so I have some kind of real gold and expensive jewelry to keep as a remembrance from our mother, besides my sisters got their own jewelries from our mother dear already so to be fair I must have mine too, joke.  

Before I left to migrate, I gave all the jewelry that our mother dear spare me. Thinking I might lose it here, when I was in the USA, never thought I needed jewelries to accessorize myself, and I end up using fancy and stainless collections. 
Anyways, this is one of the earrings I asked and which by the way my “own” while I was a little girl. Glad that our mother dear didn’t gave it neither to my other sisters nor to her granddaughters to keep. Now I do love the earrings and I’ve been using it in any occasion.

Love it much and will definitely going to keep and take good care of it. 

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