Sunday, May 4

Happy Vacation Trip!

Here in the Philippines our summer is during April and May and recently this April 2 up to May 3, 2014, I had the most enjoyable and wonderful vacation as far as I can survey than my old vacations. Truly, the logo beside of this text is one big CHECK. Places are very relaxing but it's quite hidden under the mountains. So, I will share some of the pretty places I've been during my vacation and hope you'll also find it pretty.

#1 Pili, Surigao

As you can see the view is stunningly amazing! The deep blue ocean is just so big as far as you can see and of you look a little closer in the shore, it is so clear. My uncle, who is right next to me on the top middle photo, just can't resist the beauty of the land that he dive into the blue water. It was my first time to be around there and I swear my mouth dropped as I saw it and feel the breeze as it lingers on my skin. My father, who is on the last  photo standing with rocks alone, was his second time to be around there and yet still amazed how cool is it. All the photos in that collage, as you can observe, were just all of us. No one's around there taking another photos or visiting the shore, just us. And it just proves that there are still so many places undiscovered around the Philippines... just like this one in the hidden village of Pili.

#2 Tinago Falls, Illligan City

Tinago Falls, which means in our language "Hidden" Falls, counts as one of the best place I've ever been in my 2014 vacation. As what it says from the title, Tinago Falls is quite very hard to go to. The way were not cemented, it's rocky, and probably dangerous. But after that, a beautiful place like this awaits. It's height is approximately about 90 feet above. There are tables which are ready for vacationist, but there were no cabins or ins below there. I don't know why but when I was there it seemed very quiet and peaceful except for the noises of people. People around there living says that there were legends upon that falls, but I'm not sure about that. Over all, I've enjoyed every minute when I was there together with my relatives.

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