Saturday, May 3

DREAM: Country girl's amazing perfume

I was very happy to finally receive an additional product review about one of my favorite collection which is a perfume. Though I have many, I also like to collect different brand names, different scent and whenever it is free it's best as well.

Country Girl, has a lot of merchandise online, from tanks, hoodies, caps and perfume you name it they carry it. Aforestated I'm very lucky to receive a few of the products for review. The last thing I used was their DREAM GIRL perfume, it's perfect scent, I don't like a very strong fragrance and so this perfume is quite intended of how or what a woman/girl should smell like, great. 

I might use this perfume once in a while until it's time for me to share the blessings to of course, my mother dear who loves the same thing as I do. I do hope she'll love it and enjoy the scent as much as I do, too. 

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