Wednesday, May 28

When you have Purple Eyes!

It's fun to have a natural purple eyes instead of blue, green, or brown because it just make you feel unique and famous with it. There is one genetic rare mutation called "Alexandria's Genesis" which is having a total violet eyes.
It's symptoms are:

  1. You have violet eyes
  2. You don't have menstruation
  3. You don't grow public hairs (exp. hairs, eyebrows, eyelashes)
  4. You live up to 170 years
  5. You have pale skin even if you tan it
Although this is a fake disease, it would really be awesome to have this. Some people call it 'superhuman' because of a perfection human body, but some may call it a disease because of its un-natural symptoms. This "Alexandria's Genesis" is purely fictional, created by Daria, an MTV series, fan fiction author.

It has an origin back 1000 years ago in Egypt. A mysterious light flashed throughout some village then it turned everyone to have a purple eyes and pale skin. Those people moved up to the north then disappeared. The story also notes that the first recorded instance of this disorder appearing was in England in 1329. A newborn known as Alexandria was born with purple eyes and was said to later give birth to other girls with the disorder that lived well over 100 years of age. The actual generic variant that causes this disorder was said to be discovered in the 1960s.

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