Thursday, July 10

Definitely ready for rainy rainboots

Another due post for this blog, blame it to my hormones, I'm quite delayed in most of my posts. I bought this new pair of rain boots for future use, I have planned on working on my garden this year in order to produce a better fruit this time. I needed a shoe that would help me with the muddy duty, and so this new pair is quite good looking at the same time very cheap. Found this item at Wal-Mart and the first pair I bought were too big, I took the size 7 have to return the item back and order a new one. This time the size 6 perfectly fit on my tiny feet, have a happy foot afterwards.

Lately, I didn't use the boats due to any chances and of course I need to be able to slow things down until next year. However, no matter where and what I do? I do have ways to be a Fashionista in simple ways.

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