Tuesday, October 14

Fall Sweater I would consider purchasing from Rosewe.com

Colder temperature has begun since last month and the official days of wearing heavy, cozy and of course fashionable clothing. If you work in an office, I'm sure you always set your dressing code ready before your day begins. I would, well, as much as I remember I have my clothes ready at night so in the morning all I do is to put them on.

I've always loved to feel warm knowing, how cold it gets outside to make me feel less irritable and chilled. I must admit I'm not the only person who "sometimes" gets annoyed of wearing too much layer of clothes just to feel balmy. Nevertheless, we can always make fun and make our lifestyle involve to a fashion world by simply wearing new trends.

Anywho, here are some picks I have from www.rosewe.com, you can find great stylish sweaters, or clothing on the website at a very affordable price. Plus worldwide FREE Shipping too. 


  1. I love sweater i do have quite few collections, i go for the comfy and style but wont hurt my pocket. :) first photo is just right for Tennessee winter.

  2. They looks so stylish! I specially love the first one. Looks so warm!

  3. I love those ones you picked especially the cardigans. I would love to have a good pair of cardigans now that it is getting cold.

  4. Those are lovely cardigans and sweater! Your post just reminded me to get myself a new cardigan, too, as cold months are here.