Thursday, November 13

So glad we tried the Solar Powered Light by MPOW #ProductReview

Solar powered light is one cheapest way to buy and install for the outside house. I was very happy that I have the opportunity to test this product courtesy of MPOW and since we do own a playhouse that my husband built for his son, it's a perfect spot on where it could be the BEST place to install and try the product. We have not installed any lights in it, as the construction isn't over yet. Was planning sooner, however, we are always debating on what kind to get and if we take risk of hooking up a wiring from playhouse to our house. Gladly, we waited longer than we want to, at least know we both are looking to see what benefits the solar powered lights can do for us. And I was looking for a great review of what kind to get.

I received the Solar powered light in the mail, and I was so thrilled to asked my husband to double check the product and then to see how it works and how bright it could get. The manual that comes with the product is very helpful to you, especially if it's your first time to use a solar power light item.
this is what comes in the box

We make sure that it was directed to the south as directed in order to absorb sunlight and will be fully charged for the whole morning, which says could take 12 hours light if fully charged. When we turned the sensor on that needs a very thin metal [comes in the accessories] that can go through it, to turn on the solar light, it was indeed very bright, it senses a motion that's why it creates a much brighter light. We also like it as it is easy installation, no worries or any complicated tools to use.
tested the brightness when the light we have inside is on

And this is how bright it gets when the light inside the house is off

We tried the sensor and it is working, it dimmed when it doesn't sense any motion and it is very bright when it does. It is perfect for the playhouse that way, we don't need to use electricity and all those wiring hanging. This is perfect for a year long, especially during summer season when our son would love to stay longer in the playhouse to play.

I would say, I can give this product as a 5 star rating and will recommend to anyone who is still searching for an affordable not too big solar powered light. You can also check the product through Amazon, with a value of $12.99, make sure that the Seller is by MPOW.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

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