Thursday, December 4

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Eyelash Curlers: The ONLY Eyelash Curler Set with Bonus FREE Tweezer and Mirror Set! #ProductReview

I have to admit, I'm skeptic when it comes to tweezer and eyelash curler. Since my sister cut my eyelashes thinking it will grow back fuller but didn't, I was dismayed by the result. It might grow back but not as many and long as it was before. I never tried any eyelash curler anymore as for me it seems worthless using one. Nevertheless, I do use tweezer to pluck my eyebrows and to maintain its shape. Still couldn't find the right one. I use an old one and another brand, but all they do is to hurt my eyebrows whenever I put them closer to my skin. Too sharp and sometimes too dull.
I'm glad that I can finally try one of the other products known as the Best eyelash curlers with a bonus of free tweezer and mirror set. When I purchase the product through amazon I was still skeptic and optimistic at the same time. That finally this would be the one I am waiting for. I used blade to trim my eyebrows, however blade gets dull too, and how can I save money when I have to buy whenever it gets dull?

When I purchase the product, I was happy about how fast it arrives. The packaging is just right, comes in a bubble wrap envelope through UPS. I checked the product, its safe and intact. The first thing I tried was the eyelash curler, as I mentioned, I don't have those voluptuous eyelashes so I have to be very careful not to pinch my eyelids. I was impressed, it only takes seconds before I've noticed that my eyelashes were starting to curl. I could've applied mascara to make it even curl.

The tweezer, I didn't realize that there was a mirror in it and it is a set, I should've paid attention to the product, pardon me. I thought the end will be sharp again and I have to feel it will pinch my eyebrows and skin if I don't aim it on the right way, I was wrong. Honestly, I never pinched myself and if I did? I don't feel any pain at all. It's amazing, and before I forget the tweezer is also magnetic  to the casing/mirror pretty awesome, right.

Would definitely recommend this product to girls, women who wants to find a better eyelash curler and tweezer and mirror set. Very affordable and you won't waste your money. I love it and will start using this every day. 

This is NOT a sponsored post. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

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