Tuesday, January 20

Learning with music in a fun way

Learning about musical instrument is very self satisfying. You feel like you are one of those talented and special person on earth. Be knowledgeable enough the different kinds of musical instruments is a gift, which makes you think how can anyone even play so many instruments in different methods. Anyways, I guess they were one of those arty people who can administer to cooperate without being perplexed.

Moreover, I was playing this game on my phone about the assorted trivia, I sometimes don't know the answers and questions that would recall all the things I learned from school. One of the categories was Entertainment, which sometimes I truly miss. There is another category which is Art and again, I am not very good at it as I mostly forget the answer or I have doubts about choosing the right one.  

One of the questions in Art was about Fender mouth harps and I did not get the right answer until it is being revealed. I don't remember the exact question, but I felt so bad cause I could've gotten the crown/point and win that game. 


  1. Glad to know about this kind of music thing. I love music but not really familiar with specific instruments and accessories.

  2. I knew few musical instruments specially those string ones but wind instrument. No little of it.