Thursday, January 8

When am I fertile?

Before I knew that I was pregnant, one thing that I've always wanted to learn is when am I fertile? That way, during those days I have a high possibility to get pregnant easily and plus, as what "they" said, it's the best chance to conceive a girl before my monthly period comes.

Knowing when ovulation occurs is one of the most important things to do when trying to conceive. Ovulation is when the body releases the egg. This is also when a woman is most fertile. It’s important to know when a woman ovulates not only for those who are trying to conceive, but also for those who are family planning naturally in order to avoid having sex on those fertile days. There are several tools a woman can use to pinpoint ovulation say the expert fertility specialists at One of these is by using an OPK. 

An OPK or ovulation predictor kit is almost like a pregnancy test except that it detects LH or luteinizing hormones instead of the pregnancy hormones. Two dark lines mean positive and 2 lines with a second faint line is negative, but means that ovulation is getting near. You can choose from either the midstream applicator or just the test strips, both of them function the same – they just differ in size.

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  1. Yep, it is important to know when your ovulation period is to help you out with the plans on getting pregnant.