Thursday, July 9

A visit to the famous A Christmas Story House

It was last December of 2014 when husband and I decided to surprise his late Mom to take her to a place where a movie was taken that she loves to watch during Christmas. The husband researched about it for weeks I presume and we come up with a great resolution to take his late Mom for a surprise road trip.

His mother was also on for the road trip in spite of her situation. But she looks so excited and I was so glad that she came with us. Well, before this we took her on a Wedding anniversary road trip to see Hershey's in Pennsylvania. 

Moreover, it was a 3-hour drive and so we left town early to get there just the right time. Since we never told her, we are so excited to see that precious surprise look on her face the minute we arrive at our destination, A Christmas Story.

When we get there and husband slows down as we are passing by the house/museum to seek for a potential parking space, she recognized the house and was balling in tears. She was very happy and her face lights up. According to my husband she was so delighted to see that place.

It was a priceless moment and after we parked, we took her inside the museum [they turn house a museum] went in and check the areas where they shot the scenes. I've seen the movie many, many times since I got here, since it's what is in the TV that late MIL would like to watch, over and over and over.

It has a 2-story house, we climb upstairs to see their bedroom, the bathroom and sort of a laundry room.

We also roamed the living room which is the first stop the minute you enter the building. Not a big house at all. The kitchen is the best part, you'll see those antique utensils, appliances, and you can actually touch them. I've seen some stuffs in the museum where we acquire at home.

Roam in the backyard where there's nothing much at all. And went to the other building where most of the clothing used in the movie was displayed.

It was a short road trip, but for someone who loves the movie so much, we are sure it means a lot to her.

We never stayed in the state, instead we drive back home after the visit as MIL needs more rest from all the walking and travelling.

It's a nice place to visit, must also be great to visit the place during Christmas too. 

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  1. I'm sure your MIL was very pleased with the surprise. To see her face light up and so delighted is priceless.