Wednesday, August 12

School clothes

Time flies so fast that soon enough I will be busy checking out my son's dresser to ensure that he will be able to use all of his clothes all year round. I am not sure if this has got to do with being an OCD, as for me, I'd like for him to wear all what he got instead of keep repeating certain shirts and pants.

It would be even and that way, he won't wear out all one clothes instead it all spread out.

I got great deals always, whenever I shopped to my favorite online store. I always get a reward back for using the store card I have and sometimes too they have massive sales and discounts that I'd like to take advantage.

They have more varieties online rather in store, but also they have amazing deals in-store than the online one.

What about you? What are the preparations you did for you or your children now that schooling is soon to begin.


  1. We clean the our closets annually so we can take out clothes that do not fit us anymore. As for the kids, we usually let them pick what to wear so they can better express themselves.

  2. I might have OCD too but not with clothes. My daughter has tons of clothes and honestly, some of them even have tags up to now. LOL! I am the kind of person who has favorites. Once I like the fit or look of the outfit on me, I use it, always!!! I guess that's what I am applying to my daughter. But maybe not for my 2nd little one because I don't want to waste the clothes just because it doesn't fit her anymore. LOL.

  3. time flies so fast indeed Novs, soon, Chaos won't fit in his clothes, and it makes it even more exciting to see kids grow so fast.

  4. My son returned to school last June. He doesn't really have so many clothes, just enough to fill his own clothes closet. When those clothes get smaller, we give them away as we don't really have much space in our small condo unit.

  5. Sometimes it is not practical to get a lot of clothes for back to school. Kids grow so fast that they may outgrow their clothes in the blink of an eye. I guess it would be best to get just a few basic pieces and just teach them to mix and match their clothes plus accessorize to create a new look everyday