Thursday, September 24

Knitted Headbands for Sale...#Crafts #knit

Fall Season starts today the 23rd of September 2015, like you I have also taken out those fall fashions clothes and accessories that we need to wear to keep us warm on this chilly morning. Long sleeves, jeans, leggings, boots and of course those beanie hats and fashionable scarves are no longer in a hibernation storage, instead they are all out of the bin and ready to be wear.

Don't forget the mittens and the knee high socks too. Things that we need to keep us warm and at the same time fashionable must be taken out of our closet.

That's why I knitted a nice headband for girls out there who wish to accessorize their hair on this cold weather. My knitted headband would help you cover your ears preventing from the cold. 
this is from my late MIL's..I was inspired...
Fits 2-3 years old
Fits infant babies
Fits 4-5 years old
They are still available, I am selling them though. You can always leave me a message using the "contact us" button 


  1. Ih wow, you are so creative. I wish I know how to knit. My inlaws gave me so much knitting materials but I can't figure it out!

  2. Wow, you're one crafty and creative momma! Love your creations! :)

  3. Those are so adorable! I no longer have young children, however, I can share this post with my friends and family.

  4. Those are so adorable! I love the color combinations. And knitted hairbands are softer, just perfect for a baby girl.

  5. These headbands are so beautiful Mommy N. I would ordered if you have bigger size for my summer babe. She is 9 years old. I love the design, so pretty :-)

  6. Aww those are so cute especially for a little girl. I always wanted to learn how to knit maybe at the right time which once i have the reason to made like this. You should try to sell this in ebay or craiglist.

  7. So creative of you naman sis. Nice designs.