Tuesday, October 13

Knitted Hat #crafts #knitting

I have another set of knitted craft I have finished lately and they were the baby beanie hat. I figured out that fall and winter is fast approaching knitting and selling this kind of adorable beanie hat for little kids would be a great idea, and would encourage mothers who have little girls to obtain one for their little one.
The second hat I made...

this one is SOLD
All fits from 6 months old to 5 years old girls

I also customized a beanie hat for those who wish to have their own preferences. I do hope this works, so I could have a little bit of income while I'm a full time mother of two.


  1. Do you have a store online for your finished products? They are really pretty!

    1. I'm thinking of creating an online store even in Facebook only...but for now I have no time yet as the orders are zooming in...Thank you, you wish and have an idea, you can always message me on Facebook Messenger...