Saturday, October 31

Party Supplies I need soon

In about a month or so from now, I'll be needing a nice party themed table cloth for my son's first birthday. And since I only have a limited access to our van for now due to another problem that causes the Honda, I need to check my other alternative way to find these party supplies.  Online shopping comes quite handy to me, because of instances just like recently.  I don't need to wait and procrastinate as I'd like things to be done in a timely manner.

Anyways, a visit to has spandex tablecloths that is what I need.  The website seems to have most of the supplies I need, plus it gives me a great deal due to the event that is happening. They have plenty of themed tablecloths I can get to the party. This would be a great opportunity to just sit home and browse online conveniently.

It's so nice to have this modern technology, it does help a lot as long as we know how to use it, rather than abuse it. 


  1. I make sure the first birthday is special too! Good luck on the preparations, I got a bit crazy on my twins' first birthday.

  2. Time flies, I can't believe he will be one already! It seems like you just gave birth to him a little while ago.