Saturday, December 19

How to clean a trumpet link

I learned from another friend online that her daughter starts to play a musical instrument lately and she does have a video online showing her daughter play it and I would say for a beginner she's pretty much talented.

She'll eventually excel when she continues to focus on one particular instrument before planning on playing a different kind.

It would also be best if I'll share this information with her mother about how to clean a trumpet in order for her to show it to her daughter.

If you know someone who plays this kind of musical instrument, sharing the information to that person would be helpful to them. 


  1. I knew some people playing a trumpet here and maybe I could share tips for them. Well, i have no idea on how to actually clean a trumpet considering that it is a close musical instrument. This post has given me a good insight though. Thanks for the share. ;-D

  2. I don't think I can ever learn how to play the trumpet or even clean it. Lol.

  3. I adore people who plays musical instrument ...:)

  4. It is good to be informed on how to care for musical instruments. They do not come cheap, so we must do our part in ensuring that the musical instrument is always in tip top shape.