Tuesday, December 22

Love my new AOLOSHOW Puppy Dog Print Dachshund Voile Shawl Sarong Summer Scarf #Productreview

I received another great opportunity to obtain another scarf additional to the collections I already possess. I was ecstatic about this one, just because I have never had any of this kind and the print is too adorable.  Without any hesitation, I agree with the seller and after a week from the time I purchase the item, I finally have it and worn it at least once just enough for me to see what good it gets.

Then, because of the right height it has, I can actually use the scarf itself in so many ways. I like it, the smell isn't awful, and the print is vivid. I love the puppy dog print in my shawl and I'm just too excited about it.
For the price on this product, I would say it is fine and it's free shipping too, however you should give yourself more time to received the product. Better order it before the time, more time rather on the day you want to use the Shawl.


  1. Tht is cute. I love weiner dogs they are beautiful!

  2. I absolutely love scarves! That's really adorable! I love it.