Friday, May 13

Migrating and Closer Family, A quick travel to the Airport

The day has finally come when my BIL and his oldest have to fly in the US of A to migrate. I have been waiting for this day to come, though it would be hard for my BIL and his family to be far apart, for me this would be a closer to have my family member in the USA.

I’m very thrilled and so is my family to have them all here. But for now due to some school matters, it would be just the 2 of them.
photo is not mine
The night they flight in Buffalo, NY airport was surreal. It was truly then when we finally saw them walking out from the arrival arrive in Buffalo Niagara Airport. And the first thing they mentioned when we step out of the Airport is “ It is very cold in here”, the sentence that I will never forget and would probably the same words I said then during my very first step in this country.

 Now for them to adjust to the whole new country thing. This will be hard for the first year as homesick and weather as well as to learn about the new country’s culture would be challenging for both.

All I can do, is to give them support, encourage them and to be there for them as what family does. Now, I feel much better, knowing I finally have my family side in the same country makes me feel just like in my hometown. 


  1. Migrating is tough especially when you don't have the entire family with you. It's going to be a challenging year ahead but with your support, I'm sure they will get through with it just fine.

  2. It is always heartwarming to know you have a "family" closer to you when you live in a foreign country. I hope they are able to adjust in no time.

  3. I am happy for you. It is difficult to migrate to a country with a culture and lifestyle vastly different from where you grew up. I wish you and your family will have lots of bonding moments together.

  4. Glad to hear that you now have family members from the Philippines who are going to live with you. I also know that adjusting to a new life wouldn't be as hard for them as it was for you back then because you're there to help them get through with it.