Sunday, August 21

Another Shoe Gift From Analyn

This is why I always love Christmas, just because my Bff’s supports me when it comes to buying a nice pair of shoes to have. YES!!! They are too are the same as me mostly. We get along so well when it comes to shoe [I mean, that’s just one of them, we have been Bffs since High School] and even though we don’t see each other physically, we did try to keep up with each other.

Thanks to the modern technology and the FB social media, we are connecting with each other just the same as we are all connected with our families all over the world.

So, back to the shoes, this one was a gift for me last Christmas. Okay, I have to correct myself, other than being Thankful that our Lord, Jesus Christ is born, and Christmas is one of the important Holiday. I also love it because I can get good stuff from my Bffs.

We do exchange gifts since I can’t afford to buy me a pair of shoes always. I always make sure that I add it to my wishlist for future references.

Today, here is one of them and actually, this is a big surprise for me. She is pretty good at picking a nice and great deal. The minute I started to wear these shoes, every single woman who knows me adores how nice the shoes are.

I love it, very comfortable and I always thought this is bigger for my size, but it’s not. It’s just about right. 

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