Wednesday, September 14

First Dollar Store Couponing Deal paid only $10.00

First time Couponing for this many items and many coupons at once is quite overwhelming. I have nobody to teach me but to learn it base on the notes and information that I have found online. I have seen Extreme Couponing on television eight years ago, yet I have never imagined in my life that I would be doing [but not crazy enough and greedy] to haul the entire shelves.

I have a few coupons at least 10 the maximum, I never emptied a shelve for my own sake, it is because I also think of others. I know that it is not just me who have done Couponing to save money I also think about others who have found a 1 coupon in their Sunday Inserts that would like to at least get the opportunity to get 1 item for FREE.

Anyways, I just thought why would you do that? Can anyone ever think of others anymore?

Moreover, back to my first experience. I have a $5 off on $25 or more purchase clip into my digital coupon. It was simple because once my total hits, the amount of  $25 it will automatically subtract the $5. Therefore, I have to ensure that I won’t go over $25 and I have good coupons that goes with my deal to only pay 80% off my entire purchase plus tax.

I could not remember the entire purchase  but I think of everything, I only paid $10 plus tax for all these items, I have peelers cause I have to take my 6 year old who wants this and wants that . It was a very happy feeling for me. 


  1. Wow! you've got a good buy there. Honestly, I have no idea about this coupon stuff.

  2. I hope couponing would reach our shores. imagine the savings! unfortunately, we still pay full price for most things.

  3. Couponing sounds fun! I wish we have something similar like this in the Philippines. We do have coupons here, but not like those in the US.

  4. Ang galing mo talaga Mommy, way to go in saving money!

  5. I wish couponing will also be popular here in the Philippines. It's really nice to get freebies or discounts every once in a while. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres