Wednesday, September 14

Lovely woodwind and brasswind instrument

Listening to a musical instrument is one of my past time. This is also my way to release those stresses I feel. Listening to these songs makes me not a thing of what life on earth we have. It feels like you are always in a cloud nine, thinking of totally nothing at all.

Sometimes, I can feel how they play those woodwind & brasswind in which it is impossible for me, because I never have tried to play any at all. Though, I can see a few other people who plays with these musical instrument is just magnificent.

I love my life and live to the fullest, but sometimes I just need some time to be in one place a quiet place in which I can sit or listen without thinking of anything at all. A purely empty, blank, nothing at all.

What about you? Have you ever tried to be alone and just not to think of anything?

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