Saturday, November 19

Cold Weather is here and so is wearing scarves

I love this nursing scarf. I adore the versatility that it has. A multi purpose for me to definitely acquire this product. I received this item for free in exchange of my honest review.

The watermelon red color is exactly what I expected. It is similar to the ones I saw in the image here. Vivid color is what I am impressed because when I buy something online I want to make sure that I received the same exact on what I saw online.

This is one soft scarf, I also like how breathable, it is when I used it to cover while lactating. It is cool and comfortable too. Then I can use it as a scarf in many styles whenever I don’t use it for lactating.

Sewn perfectly, I have not seen any improper sewing and thread hanging. Also, I like how they put the scarf, their box is very helpful to keep the item safe until it arrived. 

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