Tuesday, November 29

Thanksgiving 2016

Another day of the year that we celebrate and be thankful [not just during this time, but always] for all the things we have. Whether if it’s something that makes us happy or sad. We all know that things happen for a reason, we might not be able to understand this matter, however acceptance is what we truly need to move on.

Enough of the drama and I’m not sharing about them here for now. Today, I’ll be sharing with you the things we have done for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. Of course, it’s a little bit extra because my nephew Troy is here to experience and celebrate the Thanksgiving for the first time.

Good thing I only have to prepare and bring a few things and the rest..well at least 2 of us [another sibling] who did prepare the food for everyone. I’d like to have someone bring something, but sometimes other things are more important for them.

However, after all it’s the matter of gathering everyone during this special occasion and be thankful for what we have.

We were at my in law’s place on time.. But the turkey isn’t done as well as the ham, so from the time mentioned for lunch, which is 1PM, we ended up started eating around 3ish.

Good food, we stayed late.. It was so nice to be around with the family. At least Troy did have a good time. He played ping pong game and of course the gracious food we have.

What about you? What is your special moment during the 2016 Thanksgiving Day Celebration?

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