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Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Expected To Rock North America In 2017!

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The courageous band of alternative music pioneers, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, are expected to rock North America with an expanded tour next year!

Hold On To Your Pants As RHCP Are Prolonging Their 2017 North American Tour! 

Are you ready to rumble? You’d better be because we are expecting tons of hardcore (or should I say alternative?) fun next year with the amazing RHCP tour all across North America. The Peppers seem like they’ve dedicated the lion’s share of their year towards satisfaction of their US-based fans.

It really looks like Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets 2017 will be rocking around on pre-sales like hot cakes. The rumor says it that some of the most loyal fans are already granted access to booking and purchase of backstage passes.

What about the initial dates?

Originally, the show-trail was destined to begin on the 5th of January in San Antonio. It was aimed to be live and kicking straight until the 18th of March. Vancouver was to be the last stop.

That noted, fan-ticket sales were launched in November so if you are reading these words right now, all of the best seats are probably already taken. The best shot would be to tune in into the extended edition of the Pepper’s journey.

What should I know about the extended tour?

First and foremost, it is important to note that the tour across North America will be fairly longer than originally indented. New dates, new shows, new cities to conquer – RHCP got it all covered.

The extended tour will kick off at April 12. That’s a several week’s pause between the original end date and new concerts. Apparently the band will need to chill for a bit after all that heat. The new leg will begin in Washington, D.C. and will take the Peppers all across the land to Chicago. The finisher will be held in the city of mobsters on the 30th of June.

Don’t get too encouraged though. Yes the Peppers will be playing April, May as well as June but the pauses between shows will be colossal. A bit more than one might call berthing space, but not too long to stop calling the series of shows a tour.

What are the Peppers promoting?

Every ticket comes as in one shiny package with either a digital or a standard copy of the newest Pepper’s album – The Getaway. Needless to say, that’s what the band will be promoting and, frankly, that’s really cool. The album itself already got in the top of the charts with “Dark Neccessities” and the prominent “Go Robot” on its heels.

Where can I get the tickets?

Given that the sales are already on online purchases are your safest bet. Traditional resellers have already pumped the prices sky-high, while smaller teams like TicketCrab are only offering the finest services that. Aside all rest, include:

·        Personalized event feeds. Choose and bookmark events you are interested in and get notifications in advance. This way you won’t ever miss a show because of lacking tickets.

·        Local Geo-based notifications. You will be notified about all of the coolest parties going on around your area. 

·        And, of course, the ability to purchase the entrance to the show of your lifetime without leaving the comfort of your home or office.  

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