Tuesday, May 16

My New KAY Ring Jewelry Collection and my bad experience

You read it right, I have a new additional jewelry collection from KAY Jewelries. They had a promotion about the new jewelry and one of them is the ring. It’s white/Blue RG size 6 ¾ I was hesitant because it is big for my fingers. At first my friend who purchased it first and while going to the next errand, I have decided that I will also one for myself. Just a gift to myself to all this hard work, after all the ring isn’t expensive due to the promotion.

From the retail price of $80.00 it goes down to $19.99 plus the sales tax is $21.59. Not a bad price, and so I purchased one to add into my jewelry collection.

A NEGATIVE Experience that I would like to share about going to this KAY JEWELRIES Store in the Mall of Chautauqua is that their employees were not too accommodating, and there were only a few who are friendly. I was standing inside the store for at least 5-10 minutes before someone actually dare to talk to me.

None, actually asked if I needed something until I was the one who confronted the Salesperson. This will be the first and last Jewelry that I am going to purchase in this place. I’ll definitely share my experience with my friends so they will know and be aware just in case they wanted to go to that store.

In spite of my bad experience, I love the jewelry, I never asked to resize it because I might give it as a gift. Or maybe I’ll keep it.

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