Monday, June 19

Father’s Day Gift Idea

Because I’m busy with what’s going on with our Summer vacation, I only come up with one simple and quick way to get to your father’s and your children’s father. An Oldnavy shirt/polos. I asked my son who is 7 years old to make a Father’s Day card. I’d like to teach him that making one on every single occasion is great because, it is a unique card and you also know what they truly wanted to say to their Dad.

As for me, I haven’t handed a card this year, I was procrastinating to do it and even at the last minute I have errands to do and so I will pass this year’s celebration. I’m sure he knows how truly grateful and thankful I am to have him as the father of my children. Action speaks louder than words.

However, giving him a gift won’t always be too late. And so, I thought about getting him this design from Oldnavy. I like the company because I can find great design, and I know that it would fit my husband’s size since I have been using this company ever since. 

photos are not mine

I'm sure he would look great on this tops. What about you? What's your idea and plan during the Father's Day Celebration.

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