Thursday, October 26

A day tour at Ocean Park in Manila, Philippines #PhilippinesVacation2017

Part of our vacation travel is to bring the whole family, including my parents and my sister’s family to see the Ocean Park. I purchased the ticket online and because I went through this deal website, I have given a better price for the tickets rather than buying it at the park.

It was a win win searching and thanks to the modern technology, everything was settled 2 days before we had our road trip.

The first attempt to get there was a disaster, it was pouring and thank God we were all inside the bus heading to the park. However, because of the heavy traffic and because by the time we get there, we will only see one show and I am not paying and travelling all the way there just for that. We all decided to head to MOA of known as The MALL of ASIA, in which I believed is the biggest Mall of the country.

I’ve been there 2-3 times now and yet, I haven’t been able to wander around the entire gallery. It was fun to see and be at the shows during our visit. There was a lot of walking and I’m a little feel bad for my late mother as she has the hard time to walk fast and I am sure she’s tired from all the walking.

It’s nice for them to see the fascinating view of underwater. There was this HUGE fish in one of the aquariums that keeps following my mother, it seems like it wants to be next to her, so we took a picture right where it’s behind her. We kept saying stay away for she’ll fish stew you, laughingly.

The Attractions that we got to see was the OCEANARIUM, BACK OF THE HOUSE, JELLIES EXHIBIT, SEA LION SHOW, SHARKS & RAYS DRY ENCOUNTER – we’ve got the chance to actually touch the Sting Ray and it is slimy. Smells fishy  too, of course, what do I expect, duh! And the last part that we did miss some of the beginning was the SYMPHONY EVENING SHOW. It is magical, I had goosebumps from the time we arrived up to the end of the last water splashed.

Reason why we missed the first part? Is that we got lost, hahahaha, we were trying to find it and it seems like everything is quite, not knowing that show has begun. But the best part was we got to stand closer to the water, which is kinda okay, I guess.

It was about 15 minutes or less shows, however, it’s worth it. After that, we head back home. I would guess that everyone had a blast and enjoy the park. We did take plenty of pictures for our trip.

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