Thursday, December 14

Swimming at OLAER a Cold Spring Resort

It was not even a week when we arrived at General Santos City. There were so many changes in the environment, the place and some of the people from the last 4 years that we visited the place.

Of course, there were three of us now instead of two. The place, especially outside in front the house where it is used to have a cement fence, with lots of trees, grass and the old Mansion as well as the swimming pool is gone. It is all now flat, with lots of debris and unwanted small weeds.

I would assume that the new owner of this land is planning to have something built here, and just hoping based from what I’ve heard it’s another Mall. Because if that happens? It will truly be more humid in our area.

Another change is the drastic change of the temperature. I don’t remember being this humid, again, it was December when we last visited the place. We were there during the supposedly Rainy Season? Yet, too hot and the humidity just wants you to be still and not even move.

And that’s why, I asked my parents if we can go swimming to this popular Cold Spring Resort, which is just 30 minutes of so away from the house. This way, we can cool ourselves from the humidity of the place.

There were only a few of us, because it was unplanned and that’s one of the first things on my list that I would to go back and do it again.

We went there and there weren’t a lot of people, as it is school days and just a great way to be out there.

It was a great experienced for both my children this New and Natural Cold Spring Resort. It is clean and like expected, there were only a few people there, just perfect.
My Beautiful Mama and I...

We are done swimming and ready to take off...but wait!!! let's get more selfie with Mama...

Kuya K looks like he is struggling to keep to eat the melting Popsicle...

Lola Inday is feeding little Caleve...

this is the famous Popsicle that is being sold by a walking vendor.....

It is freezing cold the first time you drench yourself and you will truly scream at the first soaked. However, it wasn’t bad at all after you started to swim and just being in the water.

I took lots of pictures while we are there, have to ensure I have my camera handy for memories and also to keep this activity captured.

We were there for at least a couple of hours and since we haven’t brought any heavy meals for fill our hunger, and when everyone is contented we decided to go home. It was a super satisfying swim. That humidity feeling truly goes away, but temporarily.

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