Sunday, February 25

How to fix Error 651 on Windows

Yes, once again I have encountered with another error on windows while I was downgrading my sister in law’s Sony Vaio laptop. I have not tried troubleshooting this kind of laptop before, however it is quite challenging as I go along on looking for a solution it gives me knowledge about how to troubleshoot this kind of error.

Before looking for the best and quickest solution, I have come up a few things to look back on what I have done that would causes the issue.

One was to downgrade a Windows Operating System. It is not the same as when you upgrade, as it is the easiest possible way to do for your computer. This time, instead of having all your drivers being updated to the possible updates, what happened to downgrading is you still also have to update the drivers and make sure to know the laptop or desktop’s model.

Reading more information on how to resolve the problem would give you so much knowledge and gives you other options to give you the solution. There are website’s that would walk you through the process to fix the problem.

There are also suggestions that you can do to repair the issue yourself. For me, I love troubleshooting it helps me think more about how I can resolve the issue and figured it out. Of course, I have to read more information about it as well in order to see what the best solution to the trouble is.

Here is one of the link where you can do it yourself first. It is the simplest and quickest troubleshooting I can find for this error.

After I follow through the procedure, the Wifi finally connects to her Network. I downloaded more update and it did help finds the solution and connected to her network without a problem.

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